Five Reasons To Watch “Motherland”


So… I heard about this documentary about a year ago and I just recently watched it (finally)… I am usually picky about the documentaries that I watch especially when it has to do with peoples of African descent because there is a lot of slanted information out there. However, I really liked this documentary! So, here are 5 reasons you should treat yourself to “Motherland“….

1.  It is a Pan-African documentary!

There aren’t very many documentaries that promotePan-Africanism. So, it is refreshing to see this idea in action through the united voices of the people. It was written and directed by Owen Alik Shahadah and produced by M.K. Asante (producer), Cosby Bikpe (executive producer), and Anthony Djavan Harris (supervising producer).  It is a Halaqah film, which is a muli-national independent media group that has produced a few other Pan-African films that I’ve heard of like “500 Years Later” and “Still My Home”.

2. It features interviews from distinguished Black figures from different areas of the world.

Having people (politicians, scholars, activists, etc.) from different areas of the public/political sphere speak about issues that plague peoples of African descent helps put into focus what needs to be remedied in our global community.  It sort of bypasses the concept of unity in a local sense to the concept of unity on a global scale. In the documentary, there is commentary from President Barack Obama, President Zuma, Amiri Baraka (may he R.I.P), Harry Belafonte, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, a Maasai warrior, Rohan Marley, Meles Zenawi, etc etc… of course their voices aren’t the only ones that needs to be heard, but it was nice to see Black people from different areas come together with a common goal… which brings me to my next point…

3. It promotes Afro-unity!

We all know the significance of this… There is a serious need for collaboration and dialogue among the Afro-community. We need to know how we can remedy the negative way we view ourselves and each other. This documentary promote such dialogue.

4. It is empowering, inspiring, and insightful.

There is discussion over the political, social, and cultural issues regarding Africa and the African diaspora. The scholars and public figures talk about the source of these issues and give their opinion on how we might be able to improve ourselves and progress. What I liked most was the element of positivity and optimism for Africa and her people.

5. It is well made.

There were scenes that depicted African peoples throughout the motherland. You can tell that they were put in place to show the richness of African land and culture. This may sound a bit romanticized, but it isn’t…. “Motherland” promotes positive images of Africa and her people.

Anyways… I hope that I convinced you to watch this documentary. personally, I feel that it is a “must see” for peoples of African descent. It basically draws you in from beginning to end…

Check out the Internet Movie Database for more information about the cast, director, and producers… —->

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