Africentriguing Presents: Artistik stylinz of Dzosa Nkolo-Kangkolo

Black history is not stagnant. Black people, Black culture, and Black history are extremely dynamic; it move and grooves as we do. As a people, we should remain strong and proud. As we work to eliminate that in which hinders our progression, we must look back and reminisce on the struggle and hardship our ancestors overcame. With that said, I’d like to introduce a good friend of mine and a very powerful artist, Dzosa Nkolo-Kangkolo.

This first piece is entitled “Systematic Correktionz”


“Ermias Asghedom”


“The Rose that Grew From Concrete”


I’ve only posted three pieces to draw your attention. Now that I have it. Please support his artistic empire!

Below is a link to his Facebook page:

—–>    <—– Check it out!

Happy Black History Month! Stay Proud. Stay Black.





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