Interview with RaShaad Mos: MCee from South Dallas

Throughout my lifetime I’ve been lucky to meet some of the most intriguing, inspiring people. Most of which are unaware of how much their dreams and achievements inspire those around them… myself included.  RaShaad Mos is an intelligent, talented, young MCee from South Dallas who writes and performs his own music. He just released a new single entitled “Feels and Vibes” on March 13th 2016 (which you can check out here —> <—) This interview covers the artist’s humble musical journey, his influences, and aspirations. Without further ado, I present RaShaad Mos….


Q. What genre would you classify your music?

A. Hip-Hop w/ a Soul influence

Q. Who are your influences and why?

A. I have many influences, and they’re all over the place, but to name a few: Mos Def; for his freestyle ability, content, and flow André 3k; for his abstract lyricism, and all together creativity, the way he uses his voice and the way he brings things to life Badu of course; I’ve been a fan my whole life, from her voice to her lyrics to her activism, she is truly unashamed of her black, and nor am I Jilly from Philly/ Jill Scott; she is a poet at the base of it all, plus she can blow I’m really influenced by a lot of soul, neo soul, and just real lyricists and positive messengers. The whole Soulquarian Movement. Also Jimi Hendrix, the man who changed the way you look at guitar, and Nina, she stood for her people to the point of manic depression…

Q. When did you start your music journey?

A. Believe it or not, I’ve been muttering freestyle songs since 3yo, and began as a poet at 5yo. My mom took me to a children’s poetry workshop and told me I would not eat until I wrote a poem, I fell in love with it and forgot about the food, from there I wrote and performed poetry at Reciprocity in oak cliff something like every Wednesday from ages 7 to 9 when they closed they’re doors. That lead to me writing on one of my god brother’s albums around 12 or 13, to writing full songs and recording my own at 14…

Q. Do you seek to make a change in the industry and community?

A. Yes.

Q. How and why?

A. I think not limited to, but through my music I display a message that will speak to people, in the industry; the responsibility to speak to and for your people, and for the industry, and watcher and listeners on to understand and respect the artist, we go through real life to give of ourselves. And to the people– to stand for what’s right and WAKE UP!!!!!! But also through being more active in what’s going on in the community and I’m working on getting out more to do more. As for the why… It’s because it’s my duty as an artist, it’s how I was raised and what I stand for…. And why not?

Q. What do you hope to gain from your music?

A. I think of my music as giving, but I would love to be a successful artist, and to reach my people…. I’d like to be heard and understood….


Thank you for reading! Please check out his artist page on Facebook,

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